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Wall Clocks

Index of available wall clocks

Including Hermle Wall Clocks and Infinity Instruments Wall Clocks
For easier viewing, use the directory below to view a category of Clocks
or view all available Wall Clocks.

By Size...
Small Wall Clocks | Medium Wall Clocks | Large Wall Clocks | Oversize Clocks

By Style...
Contemporary Wall Clocks | Traditional Wall Clocks

Antique Replica Wall Clocks | Art/Image Wall Clocks | Glass Wall Clocks
Kitchen Wall Clocks | Metal Wall Clocks | Novelty Wall Clocks
Nautical Wall Clocks | Outdoor Wall Clocks | Pendulum Wall Clocks
Radio Controlled Wall Clocks | Retro Wall Clocks | Wood Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Categories

Small Wall Clocks Sample Small Wall Clocks
The "Small Wall Clocks" page shows Wall Clocks from 7" in diameter to 11" in diameter.

Medium Size Wall Clocks
The "Medium Size Wall Clocks" page features Wall Clocks from 11" in diameter to 16" in diameter.

Large Wall Clocks Sample Large Wall Clocks
The "Large Wall Clocks" page shows Wall Clocks from 18" in Diameter up to 24" Diameter wall clocks

Oversize Wall Clocks
The "Oversize Wall Clocks" page features our largest Wall Clocks 26" in diameter to 38" in diameter.

Contemporary Wall Clocks sample image Contemporary Wall Clocks
These modern wall clocks can't stop time, but can make it look spectacular in your contemporary home or office. we offer a large selection of unique and tasteful contemporary clocks in a wide range of materials and designs, from modern simplicity to groovy color. you'll find a variety of modern designs that you can incorporate into your contemporary decor.

Traditional Wall Clocks sample image Traditional Wall Clocks
This traditional wall clock collection offers various styles of very affordable quartz and key wound movements. Various styles and finishes to blend and compliment any decor. Perfect for family areas, kitchens or to make an impression at the office.

Replica Antique Wall Clocks Sample Antique Replica Wall Clocks
Our "Antique Replica Wall Clocks" page features Clocks with distressed features such as aged dials, antiqued or distressed finishes or both.

Art/Image Wall Clocks Sample Art/Image Wall Clocks
Find all of the wall clocks we offer with artwork or images here.

Glass Wall Clocks Sample Glass Wall Clocks
Glass Wall Clocks, Decorative Glass Wall Clocks & Mirror Wall Clocks.

Kitchen Wall Clocks Sample Kitchen Wall Clocks
Our "Kitchen Wall Clocks" page offers a few "must have" items especially if your Kitchen features Apple, Country, Rooster, Patriotic or Retro decor.

Metal Wall Clocks Sample Metal Wall Clocks
Our "Metal Wall Clocks" page features Metal case and Wrought iron Wall Clocks.

Nautical Wall Clocks Sample Nautical Wall Clocks
All of our Nautical and Maritime themed Wall Clocks

Novelty Wall Clocks Sample Novelty Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks with images or in shapes such as Stars, Texas, Birdhouses or Apples.

Outdoor Wall Clocks Sample Outdoor/Indoor Wall Clocks
This page features Wall Clocks safe for outdoor use but would really look great in any indoor setting.

Radio Controlled Wall Clocks Sample Radio Controlled Wall Clocks
This page shows Radio Controlled Wall Clocks, When working properly, radio controlled clocks always display the correct time, down to the exact second. And you never have to adjust them. During the transition from standard time to daylight saving time (DST) they "spring forward" one hour, and when DST is finished they "fall back" one hour.

Retro Wall Clocks Sample Retro Wall Clocks
Some classic fifty's, sixty's and seventies style Wall Clocks including Orbit and Diner styles.

Wood Wall Clocks Sample Wood Wall Clocks
Our Wood Wall Clocks page features both tall case and round Wall Clocks made from wood.

Click the pictures above for more details and or a larger view of that item.

Decorative Wall Clocks available from Theisen Clock & Novelty

Antique Replica Wall Clocks, Art/Image Wall Clocks, Glass Wall Clocks, Kitchen Wall Clocks, Metal Wall Clocks, Novelty Wall Clocks, Outdoor Wall Clocks, Pendulum Wall Clocks, Radio Controlled Wall Clocks, Retro Wall Clocks, Wood Wall Clocks, Contemporary Wall Clocks and Traditional Wall Clocks from Hermle and Infinity Instruments.

Large wall clocks, small wall clocks and Texas state flag wall clocks.

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Victorian Iron Pendulum Wall Clock
Victorian Iron Pendulum Wall Clock

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